We are a unique and talented community, living in
an extraordinary and beautiful location.

We at Main Street Mosier believe that community is essential for all of us. A strong community provides a solid foundation for a thriving city, and each of us have an integral part to play. Our mission at Main Street Mosier is to improve the quality of life in Mosier through community development, sustainable business, and historical preservation. We can't do it without you.

Help Us Make Mosier More…
Wonderful • Beautiful • Memorable • Unique • Inclusive • Welcoming

By becoming a member of Main Street Mosier, you'll be contributing in a meaningful way to the town you love. Members are invited to attend and participate in board meetings, project-related committees, event planning and execution, and more!

Benefits of Membership

Contributing, Influencing, Learning, and Networking

  • Community involvement and contribution through civic engagement

  • Opportunity to learn about and influence a nonprofit organization focused on local community development

  • Networking and relationship building with fellow community members and leaders

PO Box 714

Mosier, OR 97040

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